Dødskuglen -

Dødskuglen is an instrument of circuit bend toys and a danish noise group consisting of Benny Henningsen and Eske Nørholm.
a joit venture of handcrafting instruments and an urge to compose, and discover new auditory land. in 2003 they where inspired to create new instruments by circuit bending old electrical toys and consumer electronics. this fit perfectly whith their urge to play music and create.

B9 is at Kolding design school studying interactive media, and eske creating music in various projects when not working 9 to 5.

since the summer 2003 dødskuglen has contributed to nummerous events and exibitions.
Counting; spot experimentarium, halfmachine, prototybe, jazzjuice, norberg festival, splab and find fem fejl among others

very fast the name of the instrument became known in the local electronic scene of århus, and the name stuck with the band.
the main interrest of dødskuglen is to broaden the mind of one's own regarding music. what is an instrument, what is music and how do we percieve these things...


Concerts 2005:

7th of Oct. somewhere in Odense