All recordings are made live on the night of the show (hence the name). main page is here

Noisejihad Live 05/02/2005:
Line up:
Mag Necro (J)
Ultimate Combat Noise (DK)

Mag Necro 23.01 / 26.35 mb
Ultimate Combat Noise 15.19 / 17.54 mb

Note: MSBR wasn't recorded due to a severe computercrash.

Mag Necro is a solo project by Michi Nagata from Kyoto, Japan. Michi Nagata is member of "CULPIS" and "DOOG".
His performance is clotted sound from erectric-guitar and pedals. This project is pushed out for his background of "Gore-Grind". Sounds different from the noise of only loud.

Ultimate Combat Noise is a hyper-blast of chaotic, fragmented noise. Swift and relentless he sweeps your ears of frequencies while demonstrating his kung-fu tactics, leaving you with your jaw on the floor and nailed to the wall. Severe indeed.

Noisejihad Live 19/02/2005:
Line up:
Ryfylke (N)
Danny KreutzFeldt (DK)

Ryfylke 41.33
Danny Kreutzfeldt 56.28


Ryfylke intrigues us with their complex noise sound designs, pulsating and crushing. The duo has been working with analogue and digital environments bringing the best together and released on the CD "Boknafjord" (2004), which has gathered praise from Frans De Waard and, just to mention a few. This live recording demonstrates Ryfylke at their very best, humming, buzzling and blasting the listener, leaving him dazzled.

Danny Kreutzfeldt is the master of many genres and has releases widely on labels as Thinner, Autoplate, Mirakel and Databloem. This release shows him from a more soundexploring side. A beatless, yet pulsing drone that grows into dark loops and high-end distortion squeals, bridging several ideas into one long live show.

Noisejihad Live 13/03/2005:
Line up:
Drop The Lime (US)
Massaccesi (US)
Pol Mod Pol (DK)

Massaccesi 13.57
Pol Mod Pol 15.00


Due to legal reasons we're not permitted to release the live sets of Drop The Lime and END.

All of Massaccesi's work is about re-using, regurgitating and recycling sounds, images & fabric (clothing, art & items/costumes for performances). Being on the outside looking into reality.. at humans, at the music industry, at art.. everything. The subjects that are dealt with are often difficult, bizarre & surreal, but generally having to do with geography, human relations, outsider art/music and films (especially [generally european] surreal/trash/horror films of the 70/80s).

Pol Mod Pol: Breakcore meets the John Travolta of harsh noise. A long shot? You bet!
Pol Mod Pol will redicule anything you've ever seen. Pol Mod Pol is brutal harsh noise chopped up with a deranged sense of rhythmics claiming to be dance music. Bonecrushing beats and synth lines that have never heard of melody all drowned in a thick
noise gravy will drag your ass on the floor and stomp your sense of reality dead.

Noisejihad Live 15/04/2005:
Line up:
Zbigniew Karkowski (J)
Fl/ex'0 (N)

Z. Karkowski 24.58

Fl/ex'0 27.24


Noisejihad Live 26/05/2005:
Line up:
Wäldchengarten (DK)


Wäldchengarten 38.29

"I listened to Waldchengarten and I think it is quite interesting but it also depressed me a little bit. It is very heavy stuff."
Lu Seegers / Silke-Arp Bricht, Germany.

Noisejihad Live 28/08/2005:
Line Up:
(Sound Of Impact) (DK)

(Sound Of Impact) 25.00

The recording is from Noisejihad's participation in EMMAs Electronic Adventure in Vennelyst Parken, a week of open air electronic music in Aarhus, 26/08 - 4/9.
The full line up for the two Noisejihad days was:

Friday 26/8 kl. 14-24:

Mads Weitling, Danny Kreutzfeldt, Rumforskning, Wäldchengarten, Ultimate Combat Noise, TBC & Guy (D), Jon Eriksson (S)

Sunday 28/8 kl. 14-22:

Mikko Mansikkala Jensen, Eske, (Sound Of Impact).

(Sound Of Impact) delivers incredible harsh noise, a thick layer of compact sound that blasts you to tiny bits. Really great.
Unfortunately we were only able to record (Sound Of Impact).

Noisejihad Live 30/09/2005:
Line up:
Rúnar Magnússon / Vindva Mei (ISL)

Rúnar Magnússon 48.10


"It's all quite disconcerting, even as Magnússon calms his shadowy activities into faint vocalisations and gaseous microwave pulses. The chilly spell is broken with an unexpected release of radioactive arpeggios tumbling into a maelstrom of overlapping patterns and melodies."
Jim Haynes, The Wire 259

Noisejihad Live 29/10/2005:
Line up:
Kouhei (J) / Ultimate Combat Noise (DK)

Kouhei 10.24
Ultimate Combat Noise 14.49
Kouhei vs. UCN 5.58


Noisejihad Live 11/11/2005
Line up:
The Skull Defekts (S) / Falling Apparatus (DK)

The Skull Defekts 36.32
Falling Apparatus 26.59



Noisejihad Live 26/11/2005
Line up:
Satanicponocultshop (J) / Eske Nørholm (DK) / Hiphopminuttet (DK)

Eske Nørholm 36.32


Noisejihad Live 21/01/2006
Line up:
Ryfylke (N)
Carlos Giffoni (US)

Ryfylke 47.08
Carlos Giffoni 09.59

For the second time in the Noisejihad Live series Ryfylke unleashes their brand of dark elektronics and manipulated field recordings. Fresh material from their brand new LP "Nuema Brister/Morild" out on Rogbiff Records.

Carlos Giffoni delivered what best could described as a fucking great show, displaying his skills in manipulating sound and audience at his will. And as with all great shows we endured some technical problems while recording, with the result that we only captured 9.59 minutes of this great performance. Damn!

Noisejihad Live 13/04/2006
Line up:
Kim Cascone (US)
Rumforskning (DK)

Kim Cascone 34.41
Rumforskning 50.42


Noisejihad Live 23/09/2006
Line up:

Wäldchengarten 38.26
Respirator 9.55


Noisejihad Live 06/10/2006
Line up:
Pol Mod Pol
Lisbeth Og Bent
Jens Robot

Lisbeth Og Bent 23.37
Jens Robot 56.26


Noisejihad Live 12/10/2006
Line up:
Zbigniew Karkowski
Danny Kreutzfeldt

Zbigniew Karkowski 22.40
Danny Kreutzfeldt 39.12

Zbigniew Karkowski divided his concert into two parts: One with him performing on his laptop, another with the laptop generating sound on its own.

Noisejihad Festival 17-18/11/2006

Christian S. feat Tone 56.57
Eske Nørholm 34.56
Dennis H. 20.15
Interzone 13.21
MaaletHelligerMidlet666 5.00(VIDEO)

These are the surviving recordings from the Noisejihad Festival, which marked some sort of end or break for Noisejihad. The line-up was
Jørgen Teller
Eske Nørholm
Keto Tze
Ultimate Combat Noise
Christian S (feat Tone)
Snoleoparden & Toke Tietze Mortensen
Sound of Impact
Dennis H

We only managed to get half of the recordings out of the festival area, resulting in a rather crippled festival documentation with many excellent concerts gone. Luckily the artistic peak of the festival was filmed in it's entirety (thanks Jorgen Teller), so the 5th track of this release is a video of MaaletHelligerMidlet666 playing their first concert in 10 years. (Opens in VLC, Quicktime or Realplayer)

Noisejihad Live 10/08/2007
Line up:
Cock ESP
Leonid Kulik

Cock ESP 5.56(VIDEO)

Thanks to Sune P for operating the camera.

Noisejihad Does Rumstativ 07-08/09/2007

Pol Mod Pol vs Skamstøtten 16:49
Dennis H. 21:21
Svenning Og Fuglekongen. 49:56
Katorga 24:50
Leonid Kulik 30:00
Ultimate Combat Noise 6:47(VIDEO)

Rumstativ was a 7-day event coinciding with the otherwise cumbersome Aarhus villagefête. Noisejihad provided loud entertainment and free booze on two hazy afternoons.

The line up was:
Leonid Kulik
Double Space
Svenning Og Fuglekongen
Pol Mod Pol vs Skamstoetten
Dennis H
Ultimate Combat Noise

Thanks to Lars Dideriksen for capturing UCN on film.

Aidan Baker 24/04/2008

Aidan Baker (track 1) 8:03
Aidan Baker (track 2) 12:37
Aidan Baker (track 3) 13:44

Documentation from Nadja and Aidan Baker concerts on a downtown theatre to a rather limited crowd. Aidan performed 3 distinct movements during his concert. They are presented here as individual tracks. The Nadja concert was a really mindblowing experience, and allegedly one of the noisiest Nadja performances ever. It was recorded, but we've decided not to put it online. A lesson to all the people who didn't show up.