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May '06
_Aaarrrgh stress factor 5000!! More updates SOON! Dig the live video from ...
_Pol Mod Pol will be playing at Århus Kunstbygning Thursday May 11th.

April '06
_Pol Mod Pol will be playing the all-noise festival Broken Nose in Copenhagen with a huge pile of other bands/artists including the noisejihad crew.

October '05
_ If you didn't catch my appearence on Zone 1 the entire program (from 4/10) can be downloaded from Station 2000's website. I have no idea how long it's be up, so dont sit on yer hands for too long!
_ Goddammit!! The gig in Copenhagen w/ Jason Forrest et al was the 7th not the 8th. I hope that none of you went there the wrong day. Thanx to every one who came out to rock!
_ WOOHHOO! More gigs comming up and I'm finally going to kick some ass in Copenhagen. First off good ol' splab will get a whooping on the 30th (of Sep) and then it's off to Copenhagen with two gigs.
_ Thuesday 3rd I'll visit Zven and his harsh noise/experimetal radioshow ZONE 1 @ 95.5mhz and do some live cuts ups/fuck ups. He's also got a special feature that day on Japanese harsh noise, so tune in Copenhagen!
_ On Saturday 8th Pol Mod Pol will open for Jason Forrest (US) & Pure (D) and I'm really looking forward to that gig. Fucking finally we'll get settled who is the REAL disco king on stage!!!
_ One last thing. That girlie duo thing is over, despite the fact that I've never gotten so many hot offers after a show! Forget it guys - it was just a joke :-P

August '05
__ POL MOD POL HAS GOT A NEW MEMBER! (errh yeah you know what I mean)...And has turned into a girlie duo!! This new duo will unveil itself Thursday 11th of August @ 1000Fryd / Aalborg w/ IronBitchFace.
__ Just to make your life more annoying the site has been rearranged, links have been moved around and the entire site has moved back to the noisejihad domain, so update yer bookmarks, or forget everything and use the noisejihad page as usual.

April '05
__ The first physical Pol Mod Pol release is out! It's actually just a re-release of the "Embrace The Boogie Blast Master" CD-R with a slightly altered tracklist, and a hand full of Pol Mod Pol tracks added. It was originally released under the Soviet Subliminal Seduction name.
__ Noisejihad's net label "Noisejihad Live" has released a live set with Pol Mod Pol and Massaccesi. It was supposed to be the Pol Mod Pol set from the gig at Splab with Massaccesi, Drop The Lime and END, but it got lost and has been replaced by the set recorded at Salon Bruit / Berlin a week later. It's relatively short, but contains 2 brand new tracks that's gonna knock you on your ass! Check it out in the audio section, or go to the NJ live page if you want a cover aswell.

March '05
__ More gigs comming up yay! 1st w/ Drop the Lime + End @ 1000Fryd/Aalborg on March 11th. 2nd in Berlin around 18th, 19th, 20th with w*garten.
__ A new track has been uploaded. It's an interview (in Danish) from a local radiostation. I talked them into editing it like a Pol Mod Pol track with bits from a bunch my previously released stuff trown in everywhere! It came out quite nice.



Live video from the 2006 graduation show "Friktion" of The Jutland Academy Of Fine Arts. Right click and choose "save link to disk..." or similar. Currently available as one 15min .mov file (quicktime required) @ 84.7MB. It is highly recommended to download the video and run it on your computer. If you stream it over internet the sound lacks behind, and it looks like my dancemoves are horribly untight, and we can't have that, can we?!!
An alternative version split into 4 parts is comming up for non-DSL'ers and impatient non-belivers ;-D.


Neat pix by Sune from documention Pol Mod Pol (billed as "girlie noise duo" from Egaa) August 11th @ 1000Fryd, Aalborg. Special thanks to Tanja for filling for my girlfriend Luna, who could not make the show anyway, due to work. GRRR!!!