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Embrace The Boogie Blast Master CD-R

The first Pol Mod Pol release is out! It's actually just a re-release of the "Embrace The Boogie Blast Master" CD-R originally released under the Soviet Subliminal Seduction name with a slightly altered tracklist, and a hand full of Pol Mod Pol tracks added. Since I still play the "noise-era" SSS tracks live with Pol Mod Pol I thought it would make good sense to do it like this.

1. Pølse Skrot (final version) (Sausage Scrap)
2. Sekundær Pølse
(Secondary Sausage)
3. Sværdfisken Soya Svends Zen Signaler Fra Sellerisuppen
(The Swordfish Soya Svend's Zen Signal From The Celery Soup)
4. Desire Pøl Pleasure
5. Note The Moose
6. Kys Björnen (Kiss The Bear)*
7. Hvor Er Min Elephant (Where Is My Elephant)*
8. Rider På Giraffer (Riding Giraffes)*
9. The Fuck Of(f) God**

*from the sold out SSS/Kummerlige Forhold split 7"
**from the Fear Of God remix tribute cd on Tochnit Aleph

4 euro / $5 / 30 kr (not including postage). Drop me a mail from the contact page if you want to own!

Here's a pile of mindfuck cut ups, that I know you've been yearning for!

(right click and choose "save target as" to download the mp3)

Pol Mod Pol live @ Salon Bruit/Berlin 190305

Also released by "Noisejihad Live". It was supposed to be the kick ass set from the gig at Splab with Massaccesi, Drop The Lime and END but it got lost (of course!) and has been replaced by this set recorded at Salon Bruit / Berlin a week later. There are only 3 tracks, but 2 of them are brand new ones, that are gonna knock you on your ass! Breakcore drums vs. cut up noise sorta stuff. Well, at least it knocked Lars of Wäldchengarten completely out (or was it the beers, oldtimer? :-D). He managed to sleep through out almost the entire set!

Pol Mod Pol interview vs. cut up medly
It's an interview (in Danish) from a local radiostation. I talked them into editing it like a Pol Mod Pol track and mix the talking up with cut up blasts thrown at you from out of nowhere! It came out quite nice.

Sværdfisken Soya Svends Zen Signaler Fra Sellerisuppen (radio edit)
Finally a new track! And a drum n bass bassline too!! Harsh noise you can dance to...

The Fuck Of(f) God (Fear Of God RMX)
This is the contribution for the Fear Of God Remix compilation CD released by Tochnit Aleph also feat. Merzbow, Kid606 vs. Mike Patton, Jim O`Rourke, Massaccesi, Eye Yamazuka, The Haters, Pita, K2, Sudden Infant, Dj Smallcock, Unholy Grave, Zbigniew Karkowski etc...

P°lse Skrot

A remix of the Puzzleweasel 12". The tracks has been used as a source file for nutty cut ups rather than doing an actual remix, but you'll probably figure that out soon enough...enjoy! (This is an early version)

Check out the old school! Here are some tracks from the "noise-era" of Soviet Subliminal Seduction:

Note The Moose
The last noise track I made with SSS. Taken from the Embrace The Boogie Blast Master CD-R.

Kys Bj÷rnen
Taken from the deleted split 7" with Kummerlige Forhold. Rereleased on the Embrace The Boogie Blast Master CD-R.